Hydraulics and Territory Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - Ground floor - Engineering Area
Person in charge: Giuseppe Cirelli
Preposto: Mirco Milani
Laboratory usage: research

The research laboratory of "Hydraulics and Territory" section of Di3A has equipment to carry-out chemical-physical water characterization. Traditional analytical methods IRSA-CNR methods, such us American Public Health Association (APHA), American Water Works Association (AWWA), Water Environment Federation (WEF) are used for this analysis.

The laboratory is equipped with the following measuring instruments:
  • Manual UV-VIS spectrophotometer with Merck bench thermoreactor;
  • Portable UV-VIS spectrophotometer
  • Bench-top pH meter
  • Bench-top conductivity meter
  • Analytical balance (sensitivity 1 / 10mg);
  • Technical balance (sensitivity 1/100 g);
  • Digester with ramps - VELP thermoreactor;
  • Steam distillation unit;
  • Refrigerated thermostat;
  • Stove;
  • Dryers;
  • Burettes and micro burettes;
  • Various glassware;
  • Eppendorf pipettes and micropipettes;
  • Vacuum pump + filtration apparatus;
  • Portable pH meters and conductivity meters, thermometers;
  • Portable dissolved oxygen meters;
  • Reagents of analytical grade;
  • Aerated cabinets for reagents;
  • Distiller for the production of distilled water.
The Hydraulics and Territory laboratory has also the equipment for measuring the main soil physical and hydraulic characteristics:
  • the saturated permeability of undisturbed soil samples by a soil water permeameter Eijkelkamp (constant and falling head method);
  • the particle size distribution by a vibratory sieve shaker RETSCH and a number of sieves (IUSS / USDA);
  • the soil water retention within the 0 - 0.1 bar range by a sandbox Eijkelkamp with control panel, suction levelling stand, water supply bottle with stand, filter cloth (140-150 micron), a number of containers synthetic sand, grain size approximately 73 micron and various accessories;
  • the soil water retention within the 0.1 - 15 bar range by a pressure plate extractor Soilmoisture (model 1500 F2) including manifold and pressure regulating systems. Available porous plates: 1.0, 3.0, 5.0 and 15.0 bar.