Cereal and Cereal Products Laboratory

via Valdisavoia - Second floor - Room 14
Person in charge: Umberto Anastasi
Preposto: Maria Stefania Longo
Laboratory usage: research

The Cereal and Cereal Products Laboratory, located in the complex of via Valdisavoia, 5 on the second floor, is addressed to the evaluation of the merceological and technological quality of raw materials, semi-finished matrix and food products of plant origin.

The laboratory is equipped, in particular, with instruments for the analysis of grain, flour and dough of the cereal and legume sectors: fume hood, analytical balances, centrifuge, GAC (Grain Analysis Computer), Chopin alveograph, glutomatic system. Moreover, the laboratory is connected to a micro-system complete with mill, kneading unit, extruder, dryer and oven, for bread-making and pasta-making, located at the Experimental Agricultural Farm of the University of Catania.

Number of workstations: 4