Biotechnology Laboratory

via Valdisavoia - Second floor - Rooms 49-50-51-54-55
Person in charge: Giovanni Mauromicale
Laboratory usage: research

The Biotechnology laboratory is located on the 2nd floor in Valdisavoia street no. 5 and consists of four rooms. It has all the necessary equipment for the biochemical and nutritional characterization of plant samples, as well as the analytical tools for nucleic acids extraction and analysis. Biotechnology laboratory is equipped with: HPLC/MS instrument equipped with fluorimetric and DAD detectors, an atomic absorption spectrometer, an UV-vis spectrophotometer, an autoclave, no. 4 magnetic and/or oscillating stirrers, two climatic chambers, a thermostatic bath, a biological hood, a chemical hood, two analytical balances, a centrifuge, no. 4 refrigerators/freezer, a freeze-dryer, a microscope, a homogenizer, a pH meter, an ice-making machine, no. 2 rotavapor, a sonicator, a NIR analyzer, an oven, an electrophoretic cell, a power supply and a transilluminator.

Number of workstations: 8