Agricultural Chemistry Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - Ground floor - ChiMiTec Area
Person in charge: Andrea Baglieri
Preposto: Salvatore Gulino
Laboratory usage: research

The Agricultural Chemistry laboratory, located in via Santa Sofia 98, consists of two rooms on the basement floor.

The Agricultural Chemistry laboratory is fully equipped for carrying out chemical, physical and biological characterization of soils and biomass of different nature. Furthermore, it has the necessary equipment to study plant biochemistry.

The main equipments are: two HPLC equipped with UV/VIS and fluorimetric detectors, a Gas-chromatograph equipped with FID detector, an Ionic-chromatograph, an Atomic Absorption spectrometer, an UV-VIS-spectrophotometer, an autoclave for sterilization, a laminar flow cabinet, a bead-beater, a thermal cycler, a DCode System for Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE), a gel imaging and analysis system GELDOC.

Number of workstations: 8