Educational Aims

The master degree course aims at the formation of a high level professional figures, specialized in the planning and management of agricultural production processes oriented to the achievement of the best possible results in terms of agricultural activities, economics and environmental sustainability. In the framework of this general objective, the qualification of the degree course will concern:

  • the analysis of environmental and socio-economic factors that influence the production processes;
  • the knowledge on the biological components of the agro-ecosystem;
  • the design and rational application of systems, methods and means of production including biological ones;
  • the development of territorial projects on agricultural matter;
  • the planning of cropping systems and the evaluation of the achieved results;
  • the design of plans and structures necessary for the cultivation of plants in open air and in greenhouse environments and for the breeding of animals in livestock production;
  • the planning and managing of pest defense strategies for crops and the related products;
  • the development of projects for protection of agricultural and forest agro-ecosystems, biodiversity and environment, as well as for the promotion of sustainable development of multifunctional agriculture.