Food and Microbial Biotechnology

Academic Year 2016/2017 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff
  • Bioprocesses: Teacher not yet allocated
  • Genetic of microrganisms: Cinzia Caggia
Credit Value: 12
Scientific field
  • AGR/15 - Food science and technology
  • AGR/16 - Agricultural Microbiology
Taught classes: 63 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

  • Bioprocesses

    The course provides general and practical knowledge about biotechnology and in particular on fermentations (Part A) and sull'enzimologia (Part B) used in bioprocesses for the production of foods, drinks and food ingredients. The student at the end of the course will be able to control and optimize the use of food biotechnology.

  • Genetic of microrganisms

    Posses adequate knolodge to understand, conduct and interprety lab activities involving molecular methods in the agro-industrial field.

Detailed Course Content

  • Bioprocesses

    The course provides for the acquisition of knowledge and skills in relation to:

    Fermentation (Part A):

    1. Fundamentals of fermentation
    2. Kinetic aspects: microbial kinetics, substrate consumption and product formation, of fementazione mode (in a discontinuous, semicontinuous and continuous)
    3. Applications

    Enzymology (part B):

    1. Fundamentals of enzymology
    2. Kinetic and environmental effects on enzymatic activities
    3. Enzymatic technologies (production, purification and immobilization)
    4. Applications
  • Genetic of microrganisms

    Bacterial genetic and effects of application of bacterial genetic engineering on the development of agricultural and food biotechnologies.

Textbook Information

  • Bioprocesses

    1. Spagna G., (2010)Operazioni Unitarie nell’Industria Alimentare; CULC Catania

    2. Donadio S. (2008), Biotecnologie Microbiche, CEA

  • Genetic of microrganisms

    Testo 1 Brock – Biologia dei Microrganismi – Ed CEA

    Testo 2 Glick BR, Pasternak JJ. - Biotecnologia Molecolare- Principi e applicazioni del DNA ricombinante- Ed Zanichelli

    Testo 3 Donadio S, Marino G. Biotecnologie Microbiche – Ed CEA

    Testo 4. Manzoni M, Microbiologia Industriale – Ed. CEA