Biotechnologies of animal products

Academic Year 2019/2020 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff Credit Value: 12
Scientific field
  • AGR/19 - Animal science
  • AGR/17 - Livestock systems, animal breeding and genetics
Course Language: Italian
Taught classes: 56 hours
Exercise: 56 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

  • Animal products authentication

    Aim of the course is to know the reliable bio-markers aiming at the authentication of animal products, with particular emphasis on the feeding system authentication.

  • Molecular genetics in animal breeding

    To provide knowledge on molecular biology techniques applied to the management and the breeding of the livestock breeds and populations and to the quality and genetic traceability of the animal productions.

Course Structure

  • Animal products authentication

    Classes, seminars and practice exercise (classroom and/or laboratory exercise and/or technical visit).

  • Molecular genetics in animal breeding

    Lectures, exercises, seminars, technical visits.

Detailed Course Content

  • Animal products authentication

    1. Tracking and tracing: definitions and outlines of the EU rules. Tracing and authentication.

    2. Products of animal origin.Few data on labelled products (PDO, Organic, ...). Elements of animal production systems. Milk and meat quality: elements of physiological basis of milk and meat production; breeding system and product quality.

    3. Authentication of feeding system and/or geographic area of origin.

    • Data statistical analysis: basic knowledge.
    • Direct, indirect and physics biomarkers.
    • Factors affecting the biomarkers variability in feedstuffs.
    • Biomarkers metabolism in domestic animals.
    • ​Biomarkers as a tools for the authentication of feeding system or geographic area of production: scientific literature examination.
  • Molecular genetics in animal breeding

    Genetics of quantitative traits. Main reproductive biotechnologies and cytogenetic analysis. Characterization of livestock genomes. Major genes associated to animal productions. Candidate genes, QTLs and Marker Assisted selection. Genomic selection. Livestock biodiversity characterization. Population genetics: genetic structure of animal populations. Molecular markers in animal breeding. Molecular markers and genetic traceability in animal productions.

Textbook Information

  • Animal products authentication

    Cassandro M., Mele M., Trevisi E. (ed.) 2010. Sicurezza e tracciabilità nei sistemi di produzione del latte. Aracne editrice s.r.l., Roma.

    Secchiari P. (a cura di) 2014. Alimenti di origine animale e salute. Fondazione Iniziative zooprofilattiche e zootecniche. Brescia, n. 95.


    Selected papers, published in international scientific journals, will be given to the students during the class meetings. All the suggested study sources, including the slides commented in the class, will be available on Studium.

  • Molecular genetics in animal breeding

    Barcaccia, Falcinelli “Genetica e genomica- VOL III” Liguori Editore; PagnaccoGenetica animale. Applicazioni zootecniche e veterinarie” Casa Editrice Ambrosiana.

    Selected scientific papers, published in international scientific journals, will be given to the students during the class meeting.

    All the suggested sources, including the slides commented in the class, are available on Studium.