Giuseppe Timpanaro

Associate Professor of Agricultural and Food Economics, and Rural Appraisal [AGRI-01/A]

Giuseppe Timpanaro is professor in the Dipartimento di Agricoltura, Alimentazione e Ambiente – University of Catania.

PhD in “Agricultural Economics and Policy” (VIII cicle) in the Agriculture Faculty – University of Palermo.

Head of Degree Course in Agricultural Science and Technologies

- Agricultural Policy (Degree Course in Agricultural Science and Technologies)
- “Market and Marketing of Agrifood Products” (Master Course in Agricultural Science and Technologies).

Other didactic activities and / or organizational:
•    from AA 2001/2002 to 2009/2010 was a member of the PhD College in “Local Development" (ex Agricultural Economics and Policy) in the Economy Faculty - University of Catania.
•    from AA 2009/2010 is a member of the International PhD College in “Agri-food Economics (Agricultural Faculty - University of Catania).
•    from AA 2010/2011 to 2014/15 was a Head of Agro-food Economics Division in the Department of Agri-food and Environmental Systems Management (DiGeSA), University of Catania.
•    was supervisor of several theses and Ph.D.
•    member of a Commission of exams to practise the profession on agronomist and forestry doctors (years 2005, 2008 and 2010).
•    Tutor of a research grant on “The Role of Agri-food and Rural Districts in Local Development in the light of the Mid Term Review (MTR) of CAP and Regional Programming 2007-2013 in Sicily”.

Recent Seminary Activities:
•    The promotion of youth entrepreneurship for the development of agri-food system (Degree Course in Agricultural and Agrifood Science and Technology in the Agriculture Faculty - University of Catania).
•    The Role of Agri-food and Rural Districts in Local Development (University of Catania).
•    New technologies at the service of agri-food products of IV range (University of Catania).
•    The productive District in Sicily as a possible model of territorial governance (AUSE School).
•    Ethics, sustainability and logistics research in economic and agricultural and agro-food (AISSA).
•    ”Agri-social” farms: a model of sustainable local development in Sicily (University of Catania).
•    The food chains in Sicily (University of Catania).

Collaboration and coordination of research activities:
•    Coordinator of University Funds (PRA), (years 2003, 2006, 2008).
•    Sicily Region - Department of Agriculture and Forestry, year 2003, on “Improvement and Promotion of the Fruit Production in the Etna Territory” (Coordinator of the Research on Cactus Pear Production and Market).
•    Sicily Region - Department of Agriculture and Forestry, year 2007, on “The impact of CAP reform in the Mid Term Review (MTR) in Sicily”.
•    Program of scientific research of Relevant National Interest (PRIN), year 2004, financed by Education, University and Research Ministry on “Rural Development, Modern Distribution, Food Safety: the Prospects of Organic Agricultural in Italy”, coordinated by Federico II University (Napoli), Prof. F. De Stefano.
•    Coordinator of the Program Research financed by the Agriculture, Food and Forestry Ministry (Department of Policy Development, Directorate General of Rural Development; POSR IV Research and Experimentation), year 2005, on “New Tools of Governance for the Development of the Agri-food System and Rural Areas in context of the Evolution of Agricultural Community and National Policies (STRUGO), coordinated by the University of Florence (Prof. A. Pacciani).
•    Coordinator of a Reasearch on "Seed Project of Sicilian Region" Department of Agriculture, year 2010-2013.

•    Participation in the activities of a research group within the "FIR 2014" DR 341 of 4/2/2015

•    Responsible WP1 "Economics and trade of Ornamental Rutaceous plants in Mediterranean Basin" in the research group of the European Project ORPRAMED-Arimnet2 "Risk assessment of introduction of Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri (Xcc) through commercial trade of ornamental rutaceous plants in the Mediterranean basin".

•    Participation in research activities with HORIZON 2020 project SFS-07-2017 "Breeding for Resilient, Efficient and Sustainable Organic Vegetable production" BRESOV, WP5 "Multi-sities evaluation of pre-breeding lines on-farm", Task 5.4. "Socio-economic study on the influence of crop rotation on crop performance".

•    Mipaaf project "PROTAGONISTS From the field to the barn: protein crops as an alternative to soy for the organic production sector", in particular coordinates the activities of the WP on the evaluation of the sustainability of rotations
•    Referee of international and national review.

Scientifics Affiliations:
Member of the Italian Society of Agricultural Economics (SIDEA)
Member of the Italian Association of Regional Science (AISRe)

Member of "The Society for Economic Botany" (SEB)

Member of American Society for Horticultural Science

Member of FAO-ICARDA International Technical Cooperation Network on Cactus creato FAO - ICARDA (International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas) - Economic Area 

He has participated in national and international scientific conferences, where he presented reports and / or communications.

Member of the editorial board of "Agriculture MDPI" Journal

Member of the editorial board of AIMS "Agriculture and Food" Journal



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•    Agricultural Economics.
•    Agricultural Policy, with particular reference to analysis of Common Agricultural Policy; analysis of market and prices; agri-environment and rural development policies in the EU; protection and promotion policies of agri-food quality and typical production; tutelage and promotion of agrobiodiversity; Agrisocial farms: a model of sustainable local development.
•    Agri-food Economics, with particular reference to analysis of consumer behavior; agri-food supply chain; logistics, food and ICT.