Cherubino Leonardi

Full Professor of Vegetable and ornamental crops [AGR/04]

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Cherubino Leonardi, PhD

Full professor in Horticulture

Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment

Catania University




- Got the PhD on 1994;

- Carried out study and research stages at the "Station de Bioclimatologie" Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) in Avignon (France). (1992, 1997, 1998);

- Supervised personally or as a member of the organizing committee the implementation of meetings and national and international conferences.

- Was evaluator of research projects and international referee of papers published in international and national journals.

- Was project coordinator or research unit responsible of national and international research projects.;

- As a lecturer or professor from 1997 till now he held the following courses: - Vegetable crops, - Protected cultivations, - Quality of vegetable produces, Flower crops, Green area, etc.

- Lecturer in international masters and invited speaker in several international congresses.

- Cooperated with the FAO: organizing technical tours for international delegations; as Technical Consultant; as member of the FAO Regional Working Group on "Greenhouse Crop Production in the Mediterranean Region”.

- Is author of more than 170 publications; 100 publications are listed on the database Scopus dell'Elsevier. The 'H Index is 28 and the citations are more than 3000.

- Member of the SOI, ISHS and SIA.

- Was deputy head of the Department of Agricultural and Food Production Sciences (DISPA) of the University of Catania.

- Was president of the Scientific Committee of the Consortium I.TE.S. (Technological Innovation of greenhouses) - Palermo;

- Was president of the Technological district Agrobiopesca – Palermo, Italy.

- Was Chairman of the International PhD course in: Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science (Catania University) (2013-2021);

- Since 2020 he is been a member of the Management Board of the Agricultural Experimental Farm (AAS) of the University of Catania.

- Since 2021 he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Consortium for Research in the Dairy and Agri-food Industry Sector (CORFILAC), Ragusa;

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The common goal of the various research activities is the improvement of production systems for the purpose of increasing the sustainability of processes, improving the quality of products and limiting the environmental impact.

* Crop diversification: - assessment of the adaptability of innovative crops to different cycles and cultivation environments, - identification of cultivars that best respond to specific cultivation conditions.
* Stress response: analysis of the physiological and agronomic response of different species to the stress conditions that can occur more frequently in the Mediterranean environment (eg salt stress, thermal stress, etc.)
* Propagation and nursery: with reference to the specialized nursery activity and the grafting of garden plants in the context of bibliographic reviews and research aimed at a deeper knowledge of the functional relationships between graft and rootstock.
* Soilless crops: choice of cultivation substrate, opportunities and limits of closed cycle cultivation systems, definition and validation of management solutions aimed at prolonging the recirculation times of the nutrient solution.