Chemistry and Mathematics

Academic Year 2015/2016 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff
  • Chemistry: Vincenzo Cunsolo
  • Mathematics: Maria Flavia Mammana
Credit Value: 14
Taught classes: 80 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

  • Chemistry

    The major course objective is to provide students with an insight in chemistry with an emphasis to understand the role of soil as plants substrate and the biochemistry of plants in order to maximize yield of crops.

Detailed Course Content

  • Chemistry

    Structure of the Atom. Periodic Table of the Elements. Chemical Bonds. Chemical compounds. Balancing Chemical Equations. Stoichiometry of Chemical Reactions. pH and pOH concepts. Acids & Bases. Chemical Equilibrium. Stereochemistry. Classification of organic compounds. Functional groups. Carbohydrates. Proteins. Lipids.

  • Mathematics
    • SET THEORY. N, Z, Q, R.
    • Matrices. Determinants. Properties of the determinants. Rank of a matrix.
    • Systems of linear equations. Theorem of Cramer. Theorem of Rouché-Capelli.
    • Rapresentation of a line. Points. Distances between points. Parallelism, orthogonality of lines . Distance between a point and a line.
    • Circumference. Parable. Ellipse. Hyperbole.
    • Lower bound and upper bound. Functions. Limits of functions. Theorems on limits. Continuity. Theorems on continuous functions. Continuity of the elementary functions.
    • Derivability. Geometric meaning of the derivative. Rules of derivation. Derivatives of the elementary functions.
    • Points of local maximun and minimun. Theorems of Rolle and of Lagrange. Convex and concave functions. Theorems of de L'Hopital. Graphics of functions.
    • Primitives of a function. Indefinite integrals. Techniques of integration. Definite integrals. Calculus of areas.

Textbook Information

  • Chemistry

    1) Brown, Lemay, Bursten, Murphy, Woodward, “Fondamenti di chimica” – EdiSES (disponibilità e-book personalizzato) (I PARTE PROGRAMMA).

    2) William H. Brown, Thomas Poon “Introduzione alla Chimica Organica” – V Edizione EdiSES (disponibilità e-book personalizzato) (II PARTE PROGRAMMA).


    1) P. D'Arrigo, A. Famulari, C. Gambarotti, M. Scotti “Chimica: Esercizi e Casi Pratici” - EdiSES

    2) Nicotra, Cipolla “Eserciziario di Chimica Organica” – EdiSES

    3) D. Sica “Esercizi di Chimica Organica” - EdiSES

  • Mathematics

    (1) M. Gionfriddo: Istituzioni di Matematiche. Tringale Editore

    (2) M.Gionfriddo, B. Mtarazzo, S. Milici: Esercitazioni di matematiche. Spazio Libri.

    (3) P. Marcellini, C. Sbordone: Elementi di Matematica. Liguori Editore.

    (4) C. Sbordone e F. Sbordone: Matematica per le scienze della vita. EdiSES

    (5) V. Villani, Matematica per discipline biomediche. Mc Graw-Hill