Applied Entomology and Plant Pathology

Academic Year 2017/2018 - 3° Year
Teaching Staff Credit Value: 12
Scientific field
  • AGR/12 - Plant pathology
  • AGR/11 - General and applied entomology
Taught classes: 64 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

  • Plant Pathology

    This course will provide to the students the basic knowoledge on plant pathology with special emphasis on disease diagnostic, epidemiology and sustainable control methods to prevent plant diseases or to reduce their impacts.

Detailed Course Content

  • Plant Pathology

    Introduction and social impact of plant pathology. Types of diseases. The life-cycle of a disease and epidemiology. Diagnosis. Koch' postulates. Control strategies. Basic elements to formulate a correct diagnosis and application of acquired knowledge for the analysis of specific disease cases. Laboratory training for the different plant pathogens.

Textbook Information

  • Plant Pathology

    G.N. Agrios, 2005. Plant Pathology: 5th Edition Hardcover