Academic Year 2021/2022 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff: Andrea Baglieri
Credit Value: 7
Scientific field: AGR/13 - Agricultural chemistry
Course Language: Italian
Taught classes: 35 hours
Exercise: 28 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

The course aims to provide the students a general comprehension of the chemical-physical and bio-ecological properties of the soil and the plant biochemistry. The student at the end of the course will get the skills and the abilities to evaluate the soil fertility, from a chemical, physical and biological viewpoint, and implement strategies to manage it or to increase it according to the target of production fixed and/or environmental need.

Course Structure

The course is made of:

- Frontal lessons (42 hours) in which the student acquires the basis notions on the aspects of soil fertility and plant nutrition;

- Application part (14 hours)(laboratory exercitations and/or on field experience) by transferring the theoretical concepts to practical experiences by examples allowing the student to acquire greater mastery of the subject to complete the training process.

If teaching is given in a mixed formula or remotely, necessary changes may be introduced to what was previously stated in order to comply with the provided and reported Syllabus.

Learning assessment may also be carried out on line, should the conditions require it.


As a guarantee of equal opportunities and in compliance with current laws, interested students can ask for a personal interview in order to plan any compensatory and/or dispensatory measures, based on their specific needs and on teaching objectives of the discipline.
It is also possible to ask the departmental contacts of CInAP (Center for Active and Participatory Integration - Services for Disabilities and/or DSAs), in the persons of professors Giovanna Tropea Garzia and Anna De Angelis.

Detailed Course Content

Introduction. Clay minerals and Fe and Al oxides: structure and properties. Anion and Cation exchenge

Physical propierties of soil. Organic matter: evolution and propierties. Biological component of soil

pH oh the soil. Anomalous soils and their correction. N, P, K and C cycles

Nutritional needs of plant. Energy. Enzimology. Mechanisms of nutrient uptake

Photosynthesis. Photorespiration. C4 and CAM plants pathways

Respiration: Glycolysis, Krebs cycle, oxidative phosphorylation

Thecnical visit;

Laboratory practice.

Textbook Information

Text 1: Fondamenti di Chimica del suolo (2017). Sequi, Ciavatta, Miano. Patròn Editore, Bologna

Text 2: Fondamenti di Biochimica agraria (2016). Pinton, Cocucci, Nannipieri, Trevisan. Patròn Editore, Bologna

Text 3: Paolo Sequi (2005): "Fondamenti di chimica del suolo". Patron Editore;

Text 4: Marinella Bosetto e Irene Lozzi (2006): "Elementi di biochimica agraria". Aracne Editrice