Umberto Anastasi

Associate Professor of Agronomy and field crops [AGRI-02/A]

Umberto Anastasi, has registered, in the A.Y. 1983/84, to the degree course in Agricultural Sciences at the Agraria Faculty of the University of Catania where, between May 1984 and June 1988, as a student, he was also a contractor at  Agronomia e coltivazioni erbacee Institute, collaborating in various agronomic research.

In July 1988  declared winner in the public competition, he took up a position in the technical role at the Agronomia e coltivazioni erbacee Institute of the Agraria Faculty of the University of Reggio Calabria.

In  the A.Y. 1992/93, he obtained the degree in Agricultural Sciences (Plant production) with a vote of 110/110 cum laude, discussing the experimental thesis: "Un quadriennio di ricerche sulla determinazione di un modello di risposta biologica ed agronomica del colza da olio (Brassica napus L. var. oleifera D.C.) ai fattori climatici".

In 1994 he obtained the qualification as agronomist.

In 1995 he participated in the competition for the admission to the Ph.D. course in "Food Biotechnology" (X cycle), and declared winner he has done scientific activity for a three-year period (1995-98), within the curriculum "Innovative agronomic techniques for agro-industrial productions", at the of Agronomia e coltivazioni erbacee Institute of the University of Catania. During his doctorate he also attended the laboratories of the Microbiologia e Tecnologia Agraria e Forestale Institute of the University of Reggio Calabria for the study of analytical methodologies of chromatographic analysis of lipid matter.

In 1996 (05-08 March) he attended the X Refresher Course on "Chromatographic and Electrophoretic Techniques" (Institute of Chromatography, CNR-Rome). In the same year (16 September-05 October) he attended the XVIII Course of "Statistical Methodology for Basic and Applied Biological Research" (Italian Biometrics Society, Cortona - AR).

In 1998 he obtained the Ph.D. presenting, at the University of Bologna, the final dissertation entitled: "Effetti dell’epoca di semina autunno-vernina e del regime idrico sul comportamento bioagronomico e sulla composizione lipidica degli acheni del girasole".

Returned to service in the technical role in the University of Reggio Calabria, in December (04-07) 2000 and January (09-12) 2001 he attended the training course on "The implementation of legislative decrees n. 626/94 and n. 242/96 for the safety of the workplace "(Higher School of Public Administration, Reggio Calabria).

Since A.Y. 2000/01 has been annually appointed expert of the subject for the disciplines of the Scientific Disciplinary Sector (SSD) AGR / 02 (Agronomy and field crops) at the Agraria  Faculty of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria.

In 2003 (22-27 September) he attended the Course of "Crop Physiology" (Italian Society of Agronomy - Scienze Agronomiche., Agrochimiche e delle Produzioni animali Department, University of Catania).

In 2005 he participated in the public competition for a  university researcher position for the SSD AGR/02 (Agronomy and field crops) at the Agraria Faculty of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, and resulted winner he has taken up service from 01.11.2005 at the same Faculty, in the Gestione dei Sistemi Agrari e Forestali Department.

From November 2007 to June 2008, he participated in the training course "Operational management of research activities" as part of the F.I.O.R.I. (Organizational Intervention Training for Research and Innovation) promoted by MIUR.

In November 2010 he participated in the public competition for transfer of a university researcher position for SSD AGR/02 (Agronomy and field crops) at the Agraria Faculty of the University of Catania, and resulted winner he has assumed service from 31.12.2010, at the same Faculty, in the Scienze delle Produzioni Agrarie e Alimentari Department (DISPA), today Agricoltura, Alimentazione e Ambiente Department (Dì3A).

In August 2020 he was appointed associate professor in the 07/B1 "Agronomy and herbaceous and horticultural cropping systems" SSD AGR/02 (Agronomy and field crops) scientific sector, at the University of CataniaAgricultura, Alimentazione e Ambiente Department (Dì3A), where he took up regular service starting from October of the same year.

In October 2022 he obtained the national scientific qualification for the role of full Professor in the  sector 07/ B1 "Agronomy and herbaceous and horticultural cropping systems" SSD AGR / 02 (Agronomy and field crops) (ASN 2021-2023. Call D.D. 553 / 2021).

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The scientific activity of U. Anastasi is focused on the definition of agronomic management models based on field crops of current or potential interest for the agroecological organization of Mediterranean agroecosystems. In particular, the research activity was directed to some crops (industrial food and non food, grain legumes, cereals, cover crops) most widespread and to others of possible new introduction in Calabria and Sicily.

Key-words: ield crops, farming systems, abiotic stress, phenology, ecophysiology, productivity, nutritional and nutraceutical quality, industrial raw materials, industrial wastes, sustainability.

Member of the technical-scientific committee of the "Simenza - Cumpagnia Siciliana Sementi Contadine" Association, associated with the Semi-Rural Network.

Member of the executive council of the Italian Organic Agriculture Association (Sicily)

Member of the commission for the evaluation of applications for registration in the National Register of "conservation varieties" of agricultural and horticultural species, established by the Sicilian Region.