Academic Year 2020/2021 - 1° Year - Curriculum Gestione sostenibile del territorio agroforestale and Curriculum Pianificazione territoriale, ambientale e del paesaggio
Teaching Staff: Chiara Dipietro
Credit Value: 3
Course Language: Italian
Taught classes: 14 hours
Exercise: 14 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

Improving English speaking and listening skills

Course Structure

Listening and Comprehension - Conversation - Reading, comprehension and translation

Detailed Course Content

Basic English Grammar:

  • Using be and have
  • Using the present simple
  • using the present progressive
  • Talking about the present
  • Nouns and pronouns
  • Count and noncount nouns
  • Expressing past time
  • Expressing future time
  • Modals
  • Possessives
  • Making comparisons


Landscape architecture

F. L. Olmsted

Textbook Information