International Course Catalogue

Dear Exchange / Erasmus Students,
please look at our International Course Catalogue (2018/19) to find classes taught in English.

Notes to the Table: "LM" stands for Laurea Magistrale (Master's Degree), "L" stands for Laurea (Bachelor's Degree)

Course TitleDegree ProgrammeYearCFUSemesterLecturer
ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY AND BIOTECHNOLOGYAgricultural Biotechnology [LM]26G. Vindigni
GESTIONE SOSTENIBILE DELL'AGROECOSISTEMAAgricultural Science and Technology [LM]112A. Baglieri, S. Cosentino
APPLIED ANIMAL PRODUCTIONAgricultural Science and Technology [LM]212A. Priolo, M. Lanza
ARTHROPOD PEST MANAGEMENT IN MEDITERRANEAN CROPSAgricultural Science and Technology [LM]212C. Rapisarda, G. Siscaro
BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF PLANT PATHOGENSAgricultural Science and Technology [LM]26G. Cirvilleri
MEDITERRANEAN FRUIT TREE CROPSAgricultural Science and Technology [LM]26S.G. La Malfa
PROTECTED CULTIVATIONAgricultural Science and Technology [LM]26C. Leonardi
QUALITA' DEI PRODOTTI AGROALIMENTARIFood Science and Technology [LM]112G. Licitra, F. Branca
GIS AND REMOTE SENSINGTerritorial, environmental and landscape protection [LM]16C. Arcidiacono
LABORATORIO DI PROGETTAZIONE E RIQUALIFICAZIONE DEL PAESAGGIOTerritorial, environmental and landscape protection [LM]112R. Mauro, P. Russo
TECNICHE FITOSANITARIE PER L'AMBIENTE E IL PAESAGGIOTerritorial, environmental and landscape protection [LM]112S.O. Cacciola, G. Mazzeo
SOIL CONSERVATION AND DESERTIFICATION CONTROLTerritorial, environmental and landscape protection [LM]26A.C. Barbera
VALUING NATURAL CAPITAL AND ECOSYSTEM SERVICESTerritorial, environmental and landscape protection [LM]26G. Signorello