Sustainable intensification of agricultural systems, offered at Catania (Italy)

The specialization offered at University of Catania addresses the need of conceptualizing technical agricultural systems (cropping systems and animal breeding systems) that can either

  • facilitate adaptation to the changing conditions of production, thus contributing to maintain the food security of all regions, or
  • contribute to reduce the climate change on the long term, either by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gas by agricultural systems or by sequestrating more carbon in the biomass or in the soils.

Graduates from this specialization will work in research or in development organizations, often at local level but in very various contexts and environments. Therefore, the focus is brought rather less on the technologies themselves (which have very different effects in the various conditions in which the alumni will develop their career), than on the mechanisms that sustain the impact of the different biological processes involved.

The specialization includes a common core of 18 ECTS completed by optional choices for 12 ECTS within three main domains: (i) horticulture, (ii) land, soil and water management, and (iii) environmental policies.

The M2 in Catania is given in english.

Sustainable intensification of agricultural systems

offered at University of Catania (Italy)

Common core (obligatory courses): 18 credits
Sustainable management of cropping systems 6
Sustainable management of animal production systems 6
Interdisciplinar field and laboratory activities 6


Subspecialisation: 12 credits (chosen by the students within thematic clusters of optional courses)
Thematic cluster 1: Horticulture and climate change Mediterranean fruit tree crops 6
Protected cultivation 6
Sustainable pest management 6
Applied environmental plant pathology 6
Thematic cluster 2: Land, soil and water management in a context of climate change Natural treatment systems and use of reclaimed water 6
GIS and remote sensing 6
Restoration of degraded areas to green 6
Soil conservation and control of desertification 6
Thematic cluster 3: Climate change and environmental policy Environmental policy and biotechnology 6
Economic valuation of environment and landscape 6

 Master thesis: 30 credits

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