Doctorate in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science

The PhD course in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science was established at the Di3A in the year 2013. The course has a duration of three years and covers all the scientific disciplines of the Agro-food-environmental sector. The PhD course is associated to the Instituto Superior de Agronomia of the University of Lisboa (Portugal). Our students are required to spend at least four months in a foreign institution. Among the different teaching activities, the Doctorate organises specific courses and seminars and an annual workshop organised jointly together with the Universities of Foggia and Udine. The workshop in the year 2019 has been held at the University of Catania (17 June) and in the aeolian island of Salina (18 - 21 June). The coordinators of the PhD course are Professor Cherubino Leonardi (from XXX to XXXIII Cycle) and Professor Alessandro Priolo (From Cycle XXXIV).

PhD Students XXXIV Cycle (2018-2021)

Codice progetto: E12C17000020006 [PDF]

Codice progetto: E67H18000340006 [PDF]

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